74-year-old lecturer experiences teaching online for the first time in her forty-year career due to the Coronavirus

At 74 years old, Prof. Sri Susilowati is experiencing and adapting to teaching lectures online for the first time in her almost 40-year career as a lecturer. Prof. Susi teaches economics at all levels, from undergraduate, graduate to postgraduate at Trisakti Univeristy, in the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta.

Jakarta has been under strict social restrictions, known locally as PSBB, since April, to try and combat the spread of the coronavirus. The city is the most populous in country, and is the epicenter of the disease, with South Jakarta, where Prof. Susi lives, being the hub for the disease in the city.

Beyond being limited by the city’s strict regulations, at 74 years old Prof. Susi is among the most vulnerable to contracting the disease, which at her age, could mean deadly consequences. Prof. Susi has also had two operations on her heart previously, adding to the health risk that travelling and teaching on campus and meeting her students pose.

Prof. Susi has remained upbeat and positive and is getting used to teaching online, despite having to hastily adapt and learn, and although online teaching is not without its flaws. Although she hopes to get back to the classroom soon, with the current curve of coronavirus cases peaking just this May, it is not looking like she will be anytime soon.