Children’s entertainment company go online with superhero livestreams during Coronavirus outbreak

By Jessica Rowley

A children’s entertainment company is doing a series of superhero themed live streams in a bid to raise spirits during the coronavirus outbreak.

Spiderman, Batman, Captain America and Ironman are just some of the characters that can be seen daily on the Swansea-based Superhero Patrol Facebook page.

Co-owner of ‘Superhero Patrol’ Jade Morrissey, 24, said the company was keen to entertain youngsters who are stuck at home.

“Lately we have had a lot of support as we have been doing live videos everyday for the public. We have had people from South Africa to Australia watching us which has been amazing

“Unfortunately, we are unable to go to work at the minute due to the COVID-19 outbreak which we are really missing but we want to keep spirits high and hope that everyone is safe and sound.”

The live streams cover a range of activities from Marvel themed quizzes, bed time stories and interactive question and answer sessions.

One Facebook user commented: “We tune in every night and my wee boy loves all the superheroes. Doing a great job. the shout-outs are brilliant, you make such an effort to say as many kids names as you can.”

The company is also offering additional services such as free video messages for NHS staff, free messages for those who have had Disney holidays cancelled (proof required) and personalised video messages for a small fee.

To watch the livestreams, head over to