Concert in Shrewsbruy showcases student talent

A music teacher is going above and beyond by hosting a concert to showcase his students’ talents for the second year running.

Freelance musician, James Hickman will host the event at Henry Tudor House in Shrewsbury on Sunday and up to 60 people are expected to attend.

The students vary in ages with the youngest singer songwriter just 12–years-old and each student will perform two or three songs.

Mr Hickman said: “It gives students a chance to see what it is like to play in front of people.

“The students learn faster when they have the opportunity to mess it up in front of a crowd of people watching.”

Mr Hickman has hired a special guest, Shrewsbury based trumpet player Jamie Brownfield, who will also be showcasing his talent.

James teaches his students how to play the guitar, the art of song writing and develops their vocal ability.

Student Louisa Jarvis, who lives in Shrewsbury, said: “I get nervous the whole time.

“Sometimes my voice quivers but it’s good and having James up there makes me feel more comfortable.

“The audience is really supportive the whole time too. It’s really good.’

Last year they had a turnout of 50 to 60 audience members.

The concert will take place on Sunday November 25 at 7:30pm and tickets cost £7.50 which you can purchase here