David Gray keeps winning in spite of injury woes

David Gray Header

Wednesbury powerlifter David Gray won his 10th British Powerlifting Championship in October, but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

David battled two injuries in the build up to the tournament – one of which he requires surgery for.

“It’s been very hard coming back from the injuries; I was out virtually a year due to the last one.

“I’m just coming back from a knee injury and wanted to see if I could still do it!”

And do it he could, squatting 363.7kgs, benching 253.5kgs and deadlifting 507kgs to take home the victory.

Taking the title after battling through a knee injury would be an impressive feat alone, but David is also dealing with a torn shoulder tendon which requires surgery.  

“I’ve had to change the way I exercise and my bench technique to use more triceps and less shoulders, my shoulders are obviously still being used but just a lot less.

“I’ve had to find exercises to both rehabilitate my knee and help my shoulder.”

The 10x British Champ, 3x World Champ and 2x European Champ cites yoga as the exercise which helps him most in managing injuries.

“I picked it up last year and do it alongside training; somebody said to me you need to try to add more mobility to your workout.

“So I thought my best bet would be yoga, as when you get older that’s what you lose, mobility.

“I used it to add more movement to parts of my body that I typically only use in isolation exercises”

The win is not the only good news David has had recently, he has also been selected to represent GB at the World Championships next April in Cape Town, South Africa.

“That’s what I’m going to be concentrating on now, I’ve even moved my surgery back to May so I can compete.

“Things are looking up but obviously I’ve got to be careful with my training before the event”.