Esports centre raised their game for St. Mary’s Hospice

Streamers RangerLuna and Shannonkeatingx raising money for charity- provided by House of Gamers

An esports centre got their game on after raising thousands for charity.

House of Gamers, based in Selly Oak, raised over £4,000 for St Mary’s Hospice as part of the hospice organised ‘Raise Your Game’ challenge.

This challenge was for every player to pick up a controller and play their favourite game or hold tournaments with their friends on streaming platforms including Twitch.

Gamers were invited to the centre to stream their favourite games online for people to watch and donate.

Streamers including RangerLuna, Blitzynation and Feenix Onit all played video games on Twitch including Overwatch, Aphex and Fortnite

RangerLuna said: “It’s a good feeling to see the gaming community come together for something so important.

“Gaming is a very personal skill or hobby, so being able to take that ability and put it to a good cause is a trait that makes me very proud to be a gamer.”


RangerLuna playing Overwatch as Zarya.

It currently costs £8 million a year to run the hospice with 60 percent of the funds come from voluntary donations.

House of Gamers is a PC and esports centre where professional, semi-professional or casual gamers can come to improve their skills on high-end computers.