Fireworks display draws crowd and raises funds for Rugby club facilities

Over 2000 people have attended the annual fireworks display at Dudley Kingswinford Rugby Football Club (DKRFC), which raised over £5,000 to aid refurbishment work at the club.

It will go towards building work on the existing clubhouse, as well as upgrading playing kit and providing new equipment and resources for the youth teams at the club.

The display, featuring a tribute to the 100th year anniversary of the end of the first world war, was originally meant to take place on November 9, but was postponed until November 16 due to a severe weather warning.

The display attracted people from all over the area for a night of fireworks, food and drink

Stuart Bratt, a DKRFC player and part of the group putting the display together, said it would have been an issue if there had been a lower crowd than normal, with the event costing around £10,000 to put together.

He said: “Putting on this event is a massive outlay for the club.

“If nobody turned up, the amount of money it takes to put this on, it could have crippled the club financially.

“There’s a fair few thousand pounds worth of fireworks on our side for the expenditure and more from Pyro Monkey Fireworks.”

Special work was done to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World war 1

Stuart has worked on putting this event together over the last five to six years and he has seen it grow.

He said: “The club’s always had fireworks for as long as I can remember, coming down here as a kid and it was mainly just a couple of blokes setting off some supermarket stuff.

“About five or six years ago, it started to grow in popularity, with a couple of hundred people coming down, which meant we went for slightly bigger fireworks until, last year, we decided to go down the professional route and it really did start to grow.”

The funds raised from the evening will help the continued refurbishment of the clubhouse

Fire Monkey Pyro put on the display for the club and Managing Director Alex Collins said it is a co-ordinated effort.

He said: “The display comes from both us and the club. They ask us for advice and we also ask them what they would want, what their preference is. Music is the key factor and that’s what we start with as without music, we haven’t got a show.

“We’ve worked with Dudley Kingswinford RFC for two years now, doing our first display last year, which was a really good, successful event and we want to build a good relationship with the club.

“They trusted us with a lot more money this year, so we had a lot more fireworks to work with this year and we put on a bigger show as a result.”

With the event getting bigger every year, Stuart hopes it can become one of the club’s traditions.

He said: “I started doing the fireworks about four or five years ago and the way it has grown, I’d like to think that I’m leaving a legacy where it’s a local thing for the local area and everyone comes here for the fireworks.”

There was a wide selection of food and drink on offer, with all tastes catered for

There was also a range of food and drink, with craft beers, pulled pork baps and a prosecco bar.

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