Lookdown no challenge for young footballer

Tru Morris

By Urmala Jassal

Lockdown throughout the UK has meant that footballing academies around the country have switched their training programmes from the grounds into the home.

For 10 year old Birmingham City Academy member Tru Morris, this has required him to stay motivated whilst in lockdown.

Tru said: “I feel good training at home but would like to get back to training as quickly as possible in the grounds, as I miss my coach and friends. 

“I do the weekly challenges and take part in football meetings on zoom with the other kids and professional Birmingham City players. This really helps me in my training.”

Tru Morris

Tru has had the help of his mom Carina Comrie who has had to adapt and taken on the role of coach, teacher as well as being a parent.

Carina said: “There is a lot of commitment involved in taking on the role of coach, teacher and parent as well as  the football challenges there is home study, exercises and keeping on top of nutrition.

“I don’t know all the football training terms, but I am an active person and so feel it is important for Tru to be active as well.”

For the future Carina highlights how training will look different for everyone.

“Parents won’t be able to watch the matches or stay to watch the training,” she said.

“For the children they might not have a full team straight away.”

As with professional football, training academies too will have a phased approach to getting their players safely back in the grounds.

For Tru though after he finishes training he said: “I would like to be a professional footballer and am really looking forward to watching football again with my friends.”