Gornal family host ‘driveway discos’ to show support for the ‘Clap for carers’ event.

By Jessica Rowley

A Gornal family have been putting on ‘driveway discos’ to show their support for the ‘clap for carers’ event.

Dave and Sue Coyne, of Bird Street, have been holding their ‘driveway disco’ since the Clap for Carers campaign started to help raise community spirit and show their support for the NHS.

The married pair, who DJ on weekends, have been making use of their equipment by playing music from a DJ booth and projecting the names of key workers onto a screen outside their home.

To commemorate the fourth clap for carers event, the couple asked for nominations of NHS staff and key workers that they could shout-out as a sign of recognition for their hard-work and bravery.

Dave Coyne, aged 49, said:

“We just felt we needed to appreciate the people around us. I understood people were going to do the clap, and go out with pots and pans so I got to thinking about how I could enhance this to make it more an experience and get more people involved. Each week it seems to be growing.

“We want to do something different each week so it doesn’t become complacent, we want to keep peoples interest and enthusiasm.

Dave, who works in Education in the Prison sector, played requested songs including ‘Wonderwall’, “Love is in the air’ and ‘Simply the Best’ whilst reading out dedications sent in from the community.

The pair used the event to give a special shout out was given to the out of hours nursing team and to reinforce government guidance on social distancing.

District nurse, Sharon Barnett-Davies , said:-

“The outstanding support from the local people was heat warming. It made me feel very proud to be a nurse.

It was what we needed to uplift team morale and encourage out determination in the battle to beat COVID-19”.

The clap for carers event is a cause close to Dave’s heart as his sister, a community midwife, is one of many nurses that may drafted to work in the Nightingale Hospital.

“The ultimate reason we do this is to say thank you to the frontline workers. They’re the people who deserve that thanks. It’s not about us. We just want to put smiles on faces, support the NHS and make people stay at home” said Dave.

“From where we are, Bird Street, we can see Russell’s Hall as clear as day whilst we are out doing the event. It’s a constant reminder looking at that building of what’s going on and why we need to show our support”.

The couple, who DJ on weekends, have also used their kit to light up their house blue and green in honour of the NHS.

They have said they will continue to show their weekly support and will upload recordings of the event to Facebook so that it can be enjoyed by the rest of the community.