Live Blog: Refugee tells story of her journey to Wolverhampton


Ashley Housing representatives, Rose Adderley, Marketing and Communication Assistant, and Laura Maton, Office Manager, open up about how their organisation helped Meli Tati and other refugees start a new life in Britain.

Today they visit City of Wolverhampton College to talk to NCTJ students.


12:05 – Meli described how she “had been instructed on how things should be, so when they don’t go that way for me, it is disappointing.”

12:00 – Meli says of her arrival here: “I didn’t know what to do, where to go. That’s where Ashley Housing came in. They gave me everything I need. They helped me get housing. They helped me with everything.”

11:54 – She says she doesn’t like to remember her journey from the Democratic Republic of Congo, through Angola, to the UK, as it “wasn’t a good experience. Going somewhere unknown, with no friends.”

11:53 – She is now a support worker but hopes to become a French teacher in the future.

11:52 – Meli has a degree in Political Sciences and did a college course in Health and Social Care last year. She can speak fluent French and English, as well as parts of other languages from her home country.

11:50 – When asked if her family will be joining her here, she replied: “Yes, especially my mother, who I miss.”

11:46 – Meli Tati, refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, faced persecution and fled to the UK in February 2015.

11:44 – “When we first give someone a room then they become more confident, it is great to see.”

11:42 – “The happiest success stories for me are the family reunions.”

11:37 – Laura said “Having a normal life like me and you have” is what the refugees want.

11:36 – They are working on many new projects, like the one that started yesterday in Kenya to start building growth and job huts.

11:30 – They have a lot of freelance helpers such as landlords and support workers. Rose has described that sometimes people are in tears thanking them for the work they have done. She praised their support staff and said they owe everything to them.

11:28 – Ashley Housing are based in Bristol, Birmingham and Wolverhampton.

11:22 – “Ashley Housing is a social enterprise which started in 2008. We support and integrate around 2500 refugees a year.”


We thank Meli, Rose and Laura for coming in today and speaking to us about their experiences and organisation. Look out for stories on Wolf Reporter in the coming days and weeks.