Our Students

Morgan Johnson
Student Reporter 2020-21

This course was perfect as the next step for Morgan once finishing university.

Charles Joynson
Student Reporter 2020-21

Charles decided to finally stop just thinking about his passion for journalism and media - and actually do it!

Olivia Myers
Student Reporter 2020-21

Olivia would love to work at a magazine or website focussed around creative subjects like arts and culture.

David Newman
Student Reporter 2020-21

David hopes to work as a reporter covering crime, security and defence.

Sophie Perry
Student Reporter 2020-21

Sophie tried to break into the journalism industry after doing a Masters but quickly realised she would not get very far without an NCTJ qualification.

Nevzat Savas
Student Reporter 2020-21

Nevzat's dream job would be to work as an editor, a writer and a podcaster in a digital platform.

Alfie Thomas
Student Reporter 2020-21

Alfie's dream job would be a foreign reporter in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, or South America.

Harry Thomas-Humphreys
Student Reporter 2020-21

Harry would live to be a sport or investigative journalist after completing this course.

Jade Brydges
Student Reporter 2019-20

Jade made a very last minute decision to study the NCTJ Diploma after enjoying writing for The Tab at the University of Liverpool.

Shivani Chaudhari
Student Reporter 2019-20

Shivani's dream job would be as a fashion journalist.

Daisy Cole
Student Reporter 2019-20

Daisy grew up in America but relished a move back to England.

Nathan Hine
Student Reporter 2019-20

Nathan's dream job would be to work as a motorsport journalist travelling the world to the best racetracks on the planet and interviewing the fastest drivers in the world. 

Shazad Hussain
Student Reporter 2019-20

Shazad's dream job would be to work as a sports journalist covering English and Spanish football as well as British wrestling.

Urmala Jassal
Student Reporter 2019-20

Urmala toook a sabbatical from a 20-year career producing in the digital media and international arts sector to complete this NCTJ course.

Lucy Jones
Student Reporter 2019-20

Lucy's first taste of journalism was a press conference with Theresa May while on work experience at a radio station.

Aradi Priyanto
Student Reporter 2019-20

Aradi would love to work for Vice in New York.

Bradley Rice
Student Reporter 2019-20
Nathan Rowe
Student Reporter 2019-20

Nathan dreams to work as a press officer for his beloved Walsall FC.

Jess Rowley
Student Reporter 2019-20

Jess signed up tot he course after being in full time work and realising the importance of doing a job you love - she loves to write!

Cilene Tanaka
Student Reporter 2019-20

Cilene dreams of a job at The Economist, the BBC or the Guardian.

James Bagley
Local Democracy Reporter for the Slough Observer (STUDENT 2018-19)
My main passion in life is talking about movies and music with other people. Especially independent and underground artists.
Charlotte Bentley
Community reporter at Shropshire Star (STUDENT 2018-19)
I’m eager to learn everything I possibly can to be a successful journalist.
Henri Bujard
Student 2018-19
My dream job would be becoming a well reputed journalist who travels the globe in search of stories
Ben Egginton
Student 2018-19
A dream job would be as a correspondent specialising in American politics or sport.
Amneet Kaur
Reporter at My Local News in Aspley (STUDENT 2018-19)
Amneet speaks four languages
Frankie Smith
Journalist at BBC Radio Shropshire (STUDENT 2018-19)
Frankie has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do... don't mess with her!
Adam Virgo
Student 2018-19
I’m aspiring to be a sports journalist, preferably within football and this course offers a fantastic opportunity for me to get the qualification and skills required to do that.
James Vukmirovic
Community reporter at Express & Star (STUDENT 2018-19)
It's taken me years to finally get myself to go into the industry I want to work in... this course will give me all the tools I need.
Tom Banner
Journalist at Worcester News (STUDENT 2017-18)
My dream job would be a cricket writer or commentator.
Matthew Brown
Journalist at Lincolnshire Free Press/Spalding Guardian (student 2017-18)
This course will provide me with the tools to follow my dreams.
Corrina Carr
Student Reporter 2017-18
My dream job would be to one day work at Sky Sports.
Jermaine Lebert
Trainee sub editor at The Guardian (STUDENT 2017-18)
One day I would love to write for The Guardian newspaper.
Huw Mabe
Journalist at Stroud News & Journal (student 2017-18)
My dream job would be a sports reporter.
Thomas Parkes
Journalist at Express & Star (student 2017-18)
I wanted to become a journalist and I wanted to make sure I know everything about becoming a successful one - this award winning course is the perfect choice.
Danielle Poole
Journalist at Hereford Times (student 2017-18)
I have had a keen interest in journalism and current affairs from a young age. I dabbled in student journalism in university and after working as a copywriter for a couple of years, I realised that journalism was my true passion.
Danny Thompson
Journalist at Tamworth Herald (student 2017-18)
I chose this course because I'd heard great things about it from acquaintances and online, plus I knew I needed the NCTJ accreditation in order to succeed in journalism.
Anu Shukla
Freelance journalist including for The Independent (STUDENT 2017-18)
I’d heard a lot of positive things about this course, it’s the missing piece of the proverbial puzzle.
Isabelle Bates
Journalist at Hot Spot Media (student 2016-17)
After achieving my degree in journalism, I’m studying the NCTJ Diploma to further develop my skills as a reporter. This course centre has won accolades for the last 6 years so I knew it would be the right place to get me on a journalism career path.
Christian Barnett
Journalist at Worcester News (student 2016-17)
I'd love to be a music journalist or get to travel the world. This course had a brilliant reputation and was right on my doorstep.
George Galpin
Journalist at Sky Sports News (student 2016-17)
I chose the NCTJ course because I wanted to become a journalist. The course is living up to expectation and has given me a much clearer idea of the path I need to get on to be where I need to be.
Harry Leach
Journalist at Bromsgrove Standard & Droitwich Standard (student 2016-17)
After doing work experience at the Express & Star, my colleagues told me to get the NCTJ qualification under my belt. My dream job would be to a writer for a video game publication.
Joseph Tolley
Student reporter 2016-17
My dream job would be a sports journalist covering sports all over the world. With an excellent success rate, I expected the course to offer me experiences and an education I would not have been able to receive elsewhere.
Thomas Tracey
Digital Editor at SNG Publishing Ltd (Former journalist at SWNS news agency, student 2016-17)
My dream job would be a sports writer. I chose this course to teach me all the vital skills needed.
Jonathan Woodall
Student reporter 2016-17
My dream job would be working as a sports reporter or critic and I chose this course because of it's longstanding record of achievement.
Emma Wootton
Journalist at Caters news agency (student 2016-17)
This course was recommended to by previous successful candidates, who have gone on to work at the BBC and the Express & Star. It has been challenging but the hard work does pay off and it’s given me the opportunity to grow as a journalist.
Taz Ali
Journalist at Eastern Daily Press (student 2015-16)
I had no experience of journalism before starting the course and I initially worried that it would be a setback, but the course and the practical support from tutors helped prepare me for employment.
Imogen Buller
Journalist at Redditch Advertiser (student 2015-16)
As a post-grad who didn't want to work in retail any more, I'm fulfilling my dreams of being a journalist.
Sean Crutchley
Student reporter 2015-16
I am taking advantage of the quality that is right on my doorstep.
Josh Dudley
Student reporter 2015-16
My aim is to be a sport or travel journalist.
Scott Edwards
Journalist/Video Producer at Birmingham Live (student 2015-16)
I once wrote a story for the UK's biggest selling regional daily newspaper that saw a huge advertising change at Wolverhampton Train Station.
Laura Hunt
Student reporter 2015-16
My dream job would be either an environmental journalist or a music journalist.
Alex Lawlor
Student reporter 2015-16
I've reported on and documented the covert saboteur operations on the badger culling within Gloucester and Somerset.
Robyn Moore
Editor of Shropshire Socialite Magazine (student 2015-16)
I have learnt so much from the course and I will use my knowledge for the rest of my career in journalism.
Jordan Reynolds
Journalist at Shropshire Star (student 2015-16)
The course gave me all the tools I needed to step into the world of journalism - after speaking to people who have completed other courses it really made me realise how lucky I was to have been taught at City of Wolverhampton College.
Chantal Stewart-Jones
Social Media Exec/Journalist for Dexerto (student 2015-16)
The course was perfect for giving me a fully rounded education in journalism and really helped me prepare for a role in the media industry after graduating.
Bram Welch
Journalist at Native Monster (student 2015-16)
This college has an incredible success record and is the most local college to offer NCTJ.
Karl Aston
Former journalist for Whats What magazine, Shropshire Review and Shropshire Star (student 2014-15)
After so long out of formal education I have found the course a challenge - but I have also found it hugely rewarding.
Samantha Booth
Journalist for Islington tribune (Former journalist at SWNS news agency and Croydon Advertiser, student 2014-15)
As a result of the intense course, I was thrilled to land a job before the end of the course.
Clare Butler
Journalist at Cambs Times (former journalist at Express & Star, student 2014-15)
I have absolutely loved the course. I'm pretty sure that this course was made for me.
David Callaghan
PR Account executive at Cogent (Former journalist at the Express & Star, student 2014-15)
I've done more work within the last year than I did in three at University!
Saul Cook-Black
Journalist at the South Wales Argus (former journalist at Stroud News & Journal, student 2014-15)
Everybody on the course has been friendly, supportive and enthusiastic about journalism.
Thomas Davis
Journalist at Bromsgrove Advertiser (student 2014-15)
I feel the course has equipped me well for future work in this field, particularly with shorthand and court reporting.
Jay Freeman
Journalist at BBC Sport England (student 2014-15)
I have been lucky enough to do things and meet people I never would have dreamed of.
Sam Jackson
Online & Social Media Assistant at Energy in Buildings & Industry (student 2014-15)
I have learned so many interesting things, made friends for life and my shorthand continues to amaze my family!
Sam Jackson
Journalist at the Leamington Courier (student 2014-15)
Overall it’s been a great experience.
Chris Tutton
Account executive at PR firm Camargue (Student 2014-15)
The reputation of the course at the City of Wolverhampton College made the decision of where to do this course easy.
Rob van der Does
Freelance journalist for Demand media (student 2014-15)
I had been working as a freelance journalist for a few years and felt it was time that I took this course.
Steve Walcott
Student reporter 2014-15
Previously I was a Further Education tutor, but journalism had been tugging at my heart strings for some time.
Beth Wright
Editor at Just Style magazine (Former reporter at the Redditch Standard, student 2014-15)
100% worth all of the hard work.
Charlie Benton
Freelance content and copywriter (Former reporter at Express & Star, student 2013-14)
I not only learned everything I needed to know, but also discovered a lot about myself.
Dayna Farrington
Journalist at the Shropshire Star (former journalist at the Kidderminster Shuttle, student 2013-14)
I found the course challenging, exciting, interesting and very fulfilling.
James Forrest
Freelance travel writer (Former reporter at the Worcester News, student 2013-14)
A fantastic course with committed teachers that really prepared me for life in the newsroom.
John Millington
Public Relations and Social Media Officer for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (student 2013-14)
It was a fantastic course and gives you a grounding in the basics of law which I found particularly useful.
Lorna Morris
Chief Reporter for the Bromsgrove Standard & Droitwich Standard (former reporter at Worcester Observer, Eveshame Observer and CityNews Magazine, Canberra, Australia (student 2013-14)
It was very challenging but there was help from teachers and students.
Dan Sharp
Journalist at the Stourbridge News (student 2013-14)
I now wake up in the morning excited to go to work. What more can you ask for?
Liz Sharpe
Journalist at the Worcester News (former journalist at the Redditch Advertiser, student 2013-14)
The course was challenging, but I enjoyed the positive atmosphere and motivation from fellow students and brilliant staff.
Daniel Wilkins
Reporter at the Exmouth Journal (student 2013-14)
I found it to be a good, positive atmosphere full of people who all want to go in the same direction.