VIDEO: Petition to help Wolverhampton homeless takes off

By Chantal Stewart-Jones

A Wolverhampton man has started a petition to open empty buildings in the city to homeless people this winter.

Elliot Lord, 43, has already had almost 1000 signatures since he set up the petition on the online platform 38 degrees on November 7.

Mr Lord hopes it will open talks with Wolverhampton City Council to discuss ideas about creating more support for the homeless community.

He said: “Through 38 degrees it’s spread all over the country so I thought lets do one for Wolverhampton and the response has been very good, it’s quite heart-warming to see how many people have signed it.

“The statistics say that for every one person in the country there are 10 empty properties, every homeless person could be accommodated.”

Mr Lord hopes this petition will help homeless people on the street and others that the public do not usually see, such as those who sofa surf or sleep in tents in other people’s gardens.

This petition is just one of Mr Lord’s projects to help the homeless population, it is closely linked with a cardboard bed which he has designed for people to sleep on when they are on the streets.

The bed is made up of interlocking pieces of cardboard which can be easily transported, are more comfortable for the homeless and are warmer than sleeping on the ground.

Mr Lord’s work has already been recognised, he won the Birmingham Soup competition in October.

He has further projects which are listed on his website, Our Own Future, which aims to develop the community and help people take control of their own lives.

For more information or to support the petition click here. For information on Mr Lord’s projects click here.