Wolverhampton charity holds fundraiser for ‘Wolves Women’s Day 2020’

By Jessica Rowley

A Wolverhampton company has celebrated International Women’s Day by supporting homeless and vulnerable women throughout the Black Country.

Hundreds of people gathered at Wolverhampton’s Lighthouse Cinema on Sunday 8th March to celebrate ‘Wolves Women’s Day 2020.’

The event was hosted by Lotus Sanctuary which is a community interest company that houses and empowers vulnerable women.

Lotus Sanctuary spokeswoman Marie Burrows said: “Wolves Women’s Day was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate womanhood, women and bring the community together.”

“We aim to support women in the community, specifically vulnerable women, who are facing homelessness, but also the wider community too.

“We wanted to have a programme of workshops and talks encompassing all of what it means to be a woman.”

Talks about overcoming emotional abuse, meditation classes and laughter therapy were just some of the activities and more than 20 female led businesses and initiatives were showcased.

Events raised just over £1,500 for homeless and vulnerable women and included a donation from staff at Wolverhampton’s Asda branch.

Mayoress of Wolverhampton, Claire Darke said: “The Lotus Sanctuary have done a great job of bringing all different types of organisations together to display their work and their businesses, all led by women”.

“International Women’s Day to me is really important. It’s one of my themes in office, women and celebrating women. I think it’s really important that we acknowledge and celebrate the women of Wolverhampton and the contribution they make to all walks of life.”

“We live in a very male-dominated society and we should celebrate women because we’re here and we’re doing stuff and we’re very accomplished.”

Becci Bradley, owner of Bee Yoga, was one of the first volunteers to dedicate her time to the busy programme.

She said: “I love the whole ethos of empowering women as we’re not all fortunate enough to be in good situations.

“The Lotus Sanctuary is amazing for the area and they do such important work so I jumped at the chance to get involved.”

Mayoress of Wolverhampton, Claire Darke, showed her support for the event.