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In terms of protecting user identity, users are reminded not share passwords and also to make sure that they properly log off when exiting the site/system.


Moodle can also be customised by the user to suit individual preferences if session-cookies are enabled.

Data Storage:

Moodle does not retain any personal information other than information offered willingly by user input or email.

Permanent cookies are not used within the site although per-session cookies are required for customisation and login areas to maintain user status. Per-session cookies are destroyed on exiting the browser. New EU cookie legislation, which became enforceable in May 2012, requires websites to gain permission from users before planting cookies. The only exception is where the cookie is strictly necessary for a service requested by the user. In the case of the City of Wolverhampton College Moodle site, cookies are deemed to be strictly necessary.

These terms and conditions do not apply to the use of third party sites either visited by the end user or linked to via this Moodle site.

This learning may be in the form of core resources that are available to all users i.e. the e-Library (OPAC). Alternatively this may be via a course specific site. Course sites are developed by the named tutor(s) in line with college quality standards on content expectations.

These terms and conditions do not apply to the use of third party sites either visited by the end user or linked to via this Moodle site.

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